Conscious Sewing

Sewing is a bit like when you are cutting out shapes from a sheet of cookie dough. But unlike the dough, fabric pieces cannot just be kneaded again together for further use. We end up reasonably small or very small fabrics pieces. To give a good use to these, I am trying to create (reusable) products what we can use  in our households, such as paper tissues and towels, bips and bandanas, etc. Since I sew mostly baby and children’s clothes, I have loads of good quality fabric scraps from natural fibers, such as double gauze, waffle cotton. cotton, which are perfect for everyday cleaning tasks. Interested? Take a look at here!

What I am selling as eco-products ?
  • reusable makeup removal pads
  • reusable wash clothes
  • reusable kitchen towels
  • reusable cotton tissues
  • hairbands and scrunchies
  • baby / doggy bandanas

Please note, these items I am mostly selling from stock, so you cannot choose from options of colour, shape, measurements, etc.

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