My name is Melinda, I am a sewing fanatic mum of two, living in The Hague, the Netherlands. I have come from a family where most of the women have worked in the fashion industry, my mother is a professional dressmaker, known of her beautiful tailoring and sewing skills. So probably the passion for creating something useful and beautiful is coded in my genes.

I have learnt to sew a couple of years ago myself next to my part time job as a preschool teacher. Due to my job, I have discovered the importance of good quality clothing especially for children, and that was the time, I have got the idea of Minty Moon - a vintage and basic inspired handmade clothing line for children from birth till four.

I mostly work only with only organic materials. 100% cotton poplin, organic jersey and double gauze are my favourites. I often go on "leftover fabric-hunt" in thrift stores and tend to "save" fabrics and create something nice and unique out of them.

Starting from the very design of the fabrics, Minty Moon can give you the perfect feeling of the quality of handmade products, made with love and passion. We hope, that your loved one will enjoy to wear them too! (Oh yes and they are allowed to get messy! ;) ) Happy browsing!

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